Introducing Life Design


The team at We Are Lucky believe that the choices we make in life determine how happy we are, and that happiness is equal to success.

We spent a lot of time trying to figure out our own life choices, and made a lot of mistakes along the way –  and in our jobs and social lives we have encountered hundreds of people who are struggling with the same questions.

In fact, if you scratch the surface, it seems most of us are looking for whatever ‘happy’ is for us.



Never ones to shy away from the big issues, we decided to try to work out whether there could be a simple way to approach the ‘wicked problem’ of how to have a happy life. We looked around us, asked, studied, learned, gained insights, came up with loads of ideas, tried them out, failed, adapted, refined, tried again, and again, and eventually realised that an answer lay right in front of us.

The very process we’d used to approach the problem of how to create successful happy lives, was a process that could help provide an answer to all those questions.

The process we had used was a Human-Centred Design Process.

Adapted and applied to answering the question ‘How can I create a happy and successful life for myself?’, this has become a method we call ‘Life Design’.

The Life Design process has four key steps which take you through a divergent thinking phase and a convergent thinking phase.

Step 1 Learn and Understand

First, you ‘Learn and Understand’ – this is the phase where you gather as much information as you can about yourself and the environment in which you find yourself.  You establish where you are right now. You are reflecting on your experience, your values and the factors that have an influence on you.

Step 2 Explore and Experiment

During this stage in the process you use the insights from step 1 to enter a divergent or ‘open’ mode of thinking.  Wide ranging ideas for your future are generated without boundaries or constraints. You try some of them out for size, explore them and find alternative routes, hybrid routes, recording an array of options and opportunities with different levels of risk and reward.

Step 3 Prepare and Launch

In phase three we start to converge your thinking. Analysing the ideas generated, examining the details around how they could be pursued.  You create three clear alternative pathways, with associated actions and evaluate them, making decisions about your next steps towards the futures you have envisioned.

Step 4 Do and Review

Finally, you start to pursue your action plans, feeding back to your peers, and with ongoing collaborative support from them.  Whenever you reach a decision-point you re-iterate the four step process to help you make the choices which will move you forward.  You can use the same cycle throughout your life, whenever you need to.

Simple eh? Well, maybe not that simple to just implement by yourself…and that’s why we’ve developed a series of workshops which guide participants through the process of designing their life.

Life Design Workshops

Life Design Workshops take you through the iterative process of designing your life, that’s designing a life for today, and learning how to adapt and redesign your life whenever you need to.  It’s an intense experience, but it’s our goal to give you a set of tools you can use that will enable you to create a better future for yourself.

Contact us via the contact page if you, your organisation or group is interested in a workshop or consultancy.