Project Portland

May 2012
We’ve just spent an amazing week working on a project with the fabulous Dr Tim Clark, entrepreneur and author of the career reinvention guide Business Model You,  and Bruce Hazen of Three Questions Consulting in Portland, Oregon.


If you know anything about us, you’ll know we’re passionate about doing work that supports people in finding work they love and that contributes to society and their own happiness, and a project which is aimed at doing just this was right up our street so we jumped at the chance to work with world-leading experts in the field of career development to gain insights with a view to creating something aimed at helping people back here on our home turf in Wales.

“A career is something to look back on; a life is something to look forward to…”

We believe that a career is something to look back on and a life is something to look forward to, and to this end we’ve come up with a concept and model which will help pre-career individuals find their own way to a fantastic future.

The Core Concepts: ‘Life Design’ and ‘Life Design Studios’

Generating as many ideas as possible on day two of the project.

The outcome of our work was a new way of approaching ‘careers and employability for those  who have not yet started their career. It’s a holistic view of life and work that give participants the ability to design and take steps to create a life that works for them. We call it ‘Life Design’.

Life Design is a process based on the established methodologies of design thinking and in practical terms will incorporate a wide range of accessible and flexible online and offline resources along with self-directed and tutor-supported learning in both physical and virtual ‘Life Design Studios’. The key here, is that we are creating a programme that is directly relevant to and communicated in a way that is engaging for and adaptable to the differing needs that exist within this diverse group.