3 Step Guide to Luck Making

The We Are Lucky project is all about helping people make their own luck by providing inspiring stories, resources, learning, tools and practical support to get you started on the route to making the life you want for yourself, and maybe helping those around you while you’re at it.

So how do you go about making you own luck?

Well there’s all sorts of stuff you can do – but we think it comes down to just 3 key steps..

1. Appreciate What You Have

Look around you – you may not have much, but you have a life, a body, and a mind…whoever you are and wherever you are.

Now, write down five things in your life you’re grateful for.

Done it?  Good. Now read them back.  Lucky aren’t you? That’s right, luck is all in the way you think about things, so if you believe you’re lucky, then you are.

Simple huh?

OK, onto the next step.  Sorting out things in your life that maybe aren’t going so well…

2. Find Out What You Really Want To Change

This can be the trickiest bit.  Find out what it is you really would like to change in your own life, and for those around you can be tough.  The things we think are our problems, often turn out to be symptoms of something else.

This is where coming along to one of our ‘make your own luck’ workshops could help.

The key here, is to dig deep and work out what it is that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning – what drives you – and what would really makes you happy.  You may say ‘winning the lottery’ but think about why that would make you happy – what would it enable you to do?

It’s the stuff that we do that makes us happy, not the stuff we own…so think long and hard about the change you’d like to see in yourself and in the world, then set yourself a big goal.  Something you’ve only ever dreamed of…and now that you have a goal you can make a plan…

3. Stop Waiting and Start Doing

This is the point where you start to break down your dream into little steps and just get started.  Waiting for your lottery win hasn’t worked so far, has it?

It’s time to get real and start taking little steps – right now – towards your goal.  Who cares if you get it wrong, or fail – you’ll always learn something along the way.

Life is too short to spend it waiting for your lucky day.  Get out there and do something today – who knows – you may find out you’re luckier than you thought…

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